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Get to Know Harvest Drive Pharmacy Better


Harvest Drive Pharmacy was founded in 1978 by Paul Sarvari as a pillar of the Ladner/Delta health-care system and a community support for residents looking for one-stop shopping for their health-care needs. Eventually, Harvest Drive Pharmacy became one of the largest suppliers of medical equipment in Delta, with a product line ranging from wheelchairs to ostomy supplies and catheters.


Today, our team consists of pharmacists Karen and Laura and assistants Julia, April and Xae. The team provides specialized medication therapy consultations, equipment fittings and ordering, and medication delivery services and resolutions for all of your health concerns.


Our aim at Harvest Drive Pharmacy is to maintain our position as a foundation of the Ladner/Delta health-care system while evolving our specialty services for seniors and people at risk.


As the community evolves, our intention is to introduce more specialized health-care programs to support those residents with complex needs through innovation and customized care.

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